Whatever you eat is not just a source of nutrition for you, it also helps to feed millions of bacteria that live in your gut. Having a healthy gut can solve a lot of health-related problems. It can enhance your immune system function, improves the situation of depression, and, most importantly, it helps you in reducing extra weight. Thus, if you want to enhance your gut flora, you can look at Gesund-vital-fit.net, to know all about healthy gut food. But, before that, look at this list of food that you must try:


Probiotic supplement

You must include a probiotic supplement in your daily diet if you want a healthy gut. Some of the probiotic supplements include Greek yogurt and spirulina. Eating these probiotic supplements increases the number of good bacteria in your gut.

Legumes and beans

Fruits, vegetables, and legumes are the best sources of nutrients if you want a healthy gut. Most legumes are high in fiber that can’t be digested by your body, but it can be digested by gut bacteria, and thus, it stimulates their growth.

Fermented food

Some of the best-fermented foods that you can eat include yogurt, kimchi, kefir, and kombucha. The fermented foods are rich in lactobacilli, which improves the health of your gut.


Eating whole grains can improve the growth of lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, and bacteroidetes. You can look at the list of whole grains that are helpful for gut health at Gesund-vital-fit.net.

Polyphenol rich food

Polyphenols are basically plant-based compounds that can’t be easily digested by human cells. Thus, these foods make their way to colon where they can be digested by gut bacteria.

Your gut health is one of the most important criteria if you want to achieve good health. Thus, improve your gut health by eating all these foods. For more information about gut health, you can follow Gesund-vital-fit.net. Stay happy and healthy!!

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