i) What is the importance of YouTube view bot?

Every YouTuber would require maximum views on his videos. This mostly depends on his following i.e. in the form of subscribers. Usually, most of the viewers have their favourite channels subscribed to and they tend to spend their maximum time viewing their videos. It is also equally important to gain organic views for the videos but one must also be thoughtful and sensible as to how to make their videos or the channel at least discoverable. In this situation, YouTube views bots come into play.


YouTube views bots work against the terms and conditions imposed by YouTube. If caught, the channel also possesses the risk to be taken down. But, sometimes this risk proves extremely helpful. Therefore, implementation of YouTube view becomes necessary and it can fetch you a good number of subscribers and views that will make your channel easily discoverable. Further information on this can be googled by going through the link: https://beilyblog.com/youtube-views/

ii) What is a YouTube view bot?

A YouTube view bot is basically a simple software that has been designed to run in the background. On YouTube, it provides the illusion of viewing videos. It increases the overall views of the videos which in turn draws other viewers. The other viewers are convinced that the video has been quite popular and therefore, they should also give a watch. Advanced versions of bots are equipped with more features.


YouTubers can also do the same by paying for such activities or participating in groups which are involved in exchanging views. But, on practical terms, these methods are quite time-consuming. Therefore, using a YouTube bot is more easy, simple and quick. In some cases, these bots are even free.

iii) What else can these YouTube views bots do?

They can do much more than increasing the number of views on your videos. They can even comment on your videos and even share them on different high traffic platforms. They can also be programmed to perform different kinds of tasks automatically. They provide the boost that is essentially needed in order to draw organic viewers. One can find more information on the website beilyblog.

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