Basements and crawlspaces are common structures in most American homes, but most American homeowners are being troubled by these structures over a period after construction of the building. Basement has advantages of storage and equipment installations into the building; crawlspace gets the house up off the ground, preventing dampness and termite infestation, and to create convenience of plumbing and ductwork. Basement is also the structure below the ground level that can be affected by rainwater flooding. Another cause of basement flooding may be leakage in water pipes of sewer lines that lies just below the basement and crawlspace.

Ameri-dry: A proprietary solution to basement and crawlspace water problems

The basement and crawlspace are most prone to wetting and presence of moisture on the basement surfaces. This may weaken building foundation which has direct contact with these structures. A building structure can be protected against water problems by proper treatment of basement and crawlspace against water-related problems. There are specialized waterproofing companies in United States that offer permanent solution to this problem. One reputed name in waterproofing is Ameri-dry Home. The systems used by this company are very effective in basement waterproofing. The trademark ameri-dry is its proprietary permanent waterproofing solution with lifetime warranty.

Ameri-dry systems advantages

Ameri-dry is a recognized waterproofing system that is trusted by many homeowners in the east in United States to dry up any basement or crawlspace water problem. There are advantages of using these systems.

  • The superior and proven method used in proprietary systems prevents water entry through all eight ways by which water enters into the basement.
  • The systems work well to solve all types of basement/crawlspace water problems, as well as structural repair issues.
  • The systems have been tested and appraised by Building Officials Code Administration Evaluation Service (BOCA-ES).
  • Ameri-dry is country-owned and uses trained and skilled professionals.
  • The works and solutions are backed by Full Life-of-the-Structure Warranty which the firm warranty.

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