FirstBlood is a decentralized eSports platform built on Ethereum. You can bet on games without being subject to hacks, downtime, financial regulations, money transfers, and middleman’s corruptive engagement. You can your skills also on this platform. Firstblood tends to offer more transparency to the esports industry and to make it efficient. This way, this platform is going to be good. It runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and it is powered by 1ST tokens. 

Firstblood's ICO

ICO in the crypto community

This platform will also bring in a novel demographic into the crypto community. This will make cryptocurrencies further closer to mainstream espousal. An initial coin offering (ICO) or initial currency offering is a term especially used in respect to the cryptocurrency-based platforms. ICO refers to a type of funding using cryptocurrencies like Initial Public Offering (IPO) used in the stock trade. For startups, an ICO is a capital source that doesn’t require regulatory compliance. This has no dependency on intermediaries such as banks, stock exchanges, and venture capitalists.

Firstblood’s ICO

Firstblood's ICO

This is a new phenomenon in a blockchain community. Firstblood’s ICO was opened and ended on September 25, 2016, & September 26, 2016, respectively in USA and was priced at USD 0. 0758.The market report indicates that $5,500,000 worth tokens have been sold. There is, however, no report on the success of ICO and the KYC filed doesn’t guarantee success as well.

Future of Firstblood ICO

This is probably one of the ICOs that might be of interest to you. You have to still wait for the market reports, listing, and more regular updates on the market price, etc. So, you will be able to learn more about Firstblood’s ICO as the time lapses. There is still no firm evidence that supports the success of this ICO, but hopes of the investors are alive. Let’s wait and watch how things progress!

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