The FirstBlood India office for Technology Development, as well as Operations Centre, is located at Mumbai.

This is a first of its kind, Mobile companion app, specifically for PUBG users

All a participant has to do is, register himself/herself using his/her mobile number. The PUBG game can also be played on your PC. Participants who play in the PUBG tournaments hosted through FirstBlood India win attractive rewards and prizes as well.

FirstBlood India

However, it is available for download only in India and not elsewhere.

In order to part-take in the tournaments, all you need is a mobile number through which you will have to register yourself at the FirstBlood India site. From there, you can start playing PUBG tournaments with fellow enthusiasts and gamers, for prizes and rewards.

The tournaments are held often and the prizes are attractive enough to make you want to keep coming back to play. There are options of playing with your team as well – in case you wish to participate with friends or fellow PUBG players known to you. When you participate through the site, you get to win xPoints as well as xCredits, which can be used to redeem in-app purchases.

FirstBlood India

For players who aren’t as comfortable playing in their mobiles, you can always play the game directly on your PC. In order to play PUBG from the FirstBlood India site, all you have to do is create an account, which you can do by connecting either of the following social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Google, Twitch, VK, Email id as well as Discord.

If you don’t wish to log in to their site through any of the above mentioned social media accounts, you can simply create an account directly by providing the email id and a password. There are multiple games held daily and month and if you wish, you can participate in them all.

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