Fran is the awakened form of Light Fairy Queen natural three stars supports monster; Summoners War Monsters offers you a completely updated review about skills. It would be best if you learned about the multipliers, cool time, and power up of Fran’s skills. You desperately need a Speed leader for the arena to work on Fairy Queen quickly. Everything seems so simple, but it is not as you think. It would be best if you planned for Summoners War Fran runes. The question is how to make SW play more exciting, but to make an achievement you deserve. Most people lose because of the confusion, which has to be cleared at first.

Summoners War Fran runes aspects

Summoners War Fran runes

It is all about getting Light Fairy Queen, called Fran, in Summoners War and then to power up Fran’s skills. You can refer to an online guide to know the efforts needed to max skill-up, Fran. The skills of Fran require buffs and debuffs. You are required to understand minimum and maximum stats for any level of Fran and Fran light rating in PvP and PvE. Different players differ in their opinions about Summoners War Fran runes, but you can derive your conclusion based on your personal experience.

Important information on Summoners War Fran runes

What the most you need to know about Summoners War Fran runes is the skills. Speed, attack, accuracy, defense, resistance, and health points are vital parameters used to determine the skilled efficiency in SW. Leader skill is the most significant to increase the attack speed of ally monsters by 10%. In light hurricane skill, a chance is to decrease the enemy’s Attack Bar by 10%. Light hurricane (strengthened) skill can weaken the Attack Power for two turns and reduce the Attack Bar by 10%. Purify is about the recovery of HP. Fairy’s blessings recover the HP of all allies, increases the Attack Power, and grants immunity for two turns. 

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