Companies need to deliver products to destinations which may be located in different places. For a company, it is quite hard as it required additional resources and infrastructure to move the products. To help the companies with the delivery, there are many logistics company who provide a quick delivery solution. In Thailand, one of the most trusted company is Deliveree. Their เดลิเวอรี่ are the best in Thailand. All the major locations are covered by them which makes it easy for them to deliver the products. Another major thing that makes them the most reliable company is the price. Their services are affordable to anyone. Even a small company who has just started doing business can also get their services.

delivery service

Intracity product delivery

Products come in various sizes and some of them can be very small in size. To deliver such products, the company have a lot of vehicles through which they do the delivery. Some of the vehicles they for intracity product delivery are a motorcycle, eco car, pickup truck, box truck, chilled truck, 6W truck. So a large number of products can also be delivered at a time without much effort. Their delivery service is no doubt one of the best making them the leading logistics solution in Thailand.

Price of their services

Price is charged by the company based on the distance. The more the distance, the more will be the price. They have 2 types of services based on which price is calculated.

delivery service
  • Standard price

In this type of service, the price is 18 baht for 1 km. The price will further increase if the distance increases.

  • Full day price

In this type of service, 4750 baht will be charged for 9 hours of service. It is a fixed price and cannot be negotiated.

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