You might be thinking tile installation works are very much messy and dirty. But, in reality, it can prove to be very clean and precise if one proceeds with work step by step. Also, by following a set of steps, rules, involving in proper planning and preparation can assist you do this mighty work all by yourself. Therefore, we have enlisted down some steps that can definitely help you out during your Tile Contractor in Oakville:

Tile Installation in Oakville

Step 1: Always start with preparing the surface

Always ensure that the surface is free from grease, dirt and dry to carry out further work. Take your time to repair the cracks, patch them and level out every damaged surface. Always, double-check to ensure that the surface is 100% sound and the area does not have any pre-deposition of soap scum, wax or grease. Remove moulds, plants that might have grown on the surface. Also, give a thorough check to your doorjambs in order to ensure a 100% clearance.

Step 2 & Step 3: Begin your layout and apply the adhesive

This step ensures that you involve yourself in designing the perfect layout. Use measuring tools to create the perfect dimension of squares. Use of chalks is highly advisable. Use them to mark out the dimension and for writing down the measured values. Also, while applying the adhesive make sure to mix a certain amount at a time. Remember to utilize it within 30 minutes after mixing otherwise it will get stiffened up. Also, after applying the adhesive make sure to spread it evenly. You can also do it via a comb. Uniform application of adhesive makes sure that you are left with a proper and ridged setting bed for carrying out the other works.

Tile Installation in Oakville

Step 4: Cut your Tile as needed

Always make sure that you cut the tiles according to the dimension of the squares. You can take the help of chalks, felt-tip pens, a pencil for marking. For better results, you can use nipper to chip away small pieces. Make sure that the cuts are smooth and uniform.

Step 4: Set your tiles properly

This step decides your final work. Carefully, place the tiles over the prepared surface. This must be done with utmost precision.

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