Logistics business refers to the transfer of goods from one place to another. It also includes all the necessary steps needed in order to do so. It consists of the procurement of raw materials from one place and its eventual use in making the finished product and then finally the transportation of the product to the buyer. The products can be transported by a wide range of ways. Roads, airways, waterways or even railway can be considered depending on the type of item and the time period within which it needs to be delivered.

The most common way of transporting the goods are trucks. Whenever the products need to be transferred without having to cross water bodies, roads are the most secure and popular way of transportation. Trucks can be of various sizes depending on the number items or size of items which need to be delivered. Every product also has a contact delivery date or CDD in short. It is the date by which the delivery needs to be completed and delivered to the said “contact” or buyer.

As said earlier, different truck sizes carry different kinds of loads. Today, lightweight trucks or CDD Long trucks are often used to transport small or less heavy products which need to be delivered at the earliest. These trucks can store a limited amount of goods and being lightweight, travel faster than the usual heavyweight trucks. It can easily complete deliveries which are within the distance of 40km. Thus, it is ideal for short term deliveries.

In countries like Indonesia, where logistics business is quite advanced and progressing on a daily basis, these CDD Long trucks are quite helpful as they reduce expenses and save time. Thus, it is quite efficient for the business to eventually grow and increase their revenue and profits.

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