The current times belong to the new era of internet revolution characterized by the advancement in computer sciences and allied sectors. As far as human intelligence could reach, the marks have been set, and now the tasks are being carried to their right destinations and further with some new techniques. These techniques do belong to the niche of artificial intelligence, in which the human intelligence is being carried to some another level. Coming to the fact that internet is being motivated with similar ideas, it is quite permissible to accept that internet revolution has been the biggest catch for humans. Google among all these inventions remains to be a major determiner that affects many lives directly and indirectly to great extent.

Google as homepage

Based on a load full of data, Google has worked really very hard to become the biggest happening of the last few years. This has made it possible for everyone to have just one stop for all their problems. Every person who wants to surf internet relies on certain search engines, and as of now, the aforementioned fact lead to the automatic choice of Google. Google as homepage is set by default in many browsers to successfully search keywords and obtain results within seconds. This sort of optimization is unprecedented and as it turns out to be, this relates to the infamous search engine optimization tactics being employed by the firm. Many would want to set Google as home page for the simple fact that it fetches results in seconds, provided a stable internet connection is being used by the accessing party. Moreover, there are no sort of charges and other hindrances while trying to surf and obtain results if a person has got Google as homepage. Thus, it is quite appropriate to conclude that internet of modern days is just characterized to a great extent with the help of Google homepages.

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