What is Lawyers of Distinction? It is a name of a private online legal directory of practicing lawyers or attorneys in the United States but includes attorneys from the US territories of Puerto Rico and Guam, and the international members from Australia, Canada, England, India, Italy, and Japan. The Lawyers of Distinction’ reputation is in its limited membership. The membership is restricted to the extent of 10% lawyers in the US states and is offered to the distinguished lawyers only having more than 29 years of excellence in their field of practice.

Membership of Lawyers of Distinction

What is Lawyers of Distinction

Acquiring membership of Lawyers of Distinction is no easy unlike membership of any other online directories because this directory is the top name and receiving its membership is a great honor. Membership is offered by nomination and a special review process of the Selection Committees that decides whether to offer or deny membership to someone. The Committee consists of five lawyers and one non-lawyer. The main criteria of selection are the lawyers’ achievements and peer recognition. Any ethical violations in the past ten years are sufficient for denial of the membership. Acceptance of nomination is important for acquiring the membership but this doesn’t guarantee membership.

Understand Lawyers of Distinction and its benefits

What is Lawyers of Distinction

What is Lawyers of Distinction and the benefits of receiving the honor of its membership? The biggest honor of this membership is an inclusion in the list of top 10% but there are many more benefits offered to the members that create encouragement for its membership. The monetary and non-monetary benefits are far more than the cost of its annual membership. The self-promoting website of Lawyers of Distinction is a unique platform for the growth of a profession. Every benefit is dominating over the others. The extensive review of the website is the best way to understand Lawyers of Distinction and the importance of being honored with its membership.

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