Runes are magical powers and lapis is the name of a monster in the game of Summoners War. So, when we use the term lapis runes, we may be referring to the magical powers of the lapis monster. It is true because lapis has the magical powers to increase the strength of attacks on the enemies in the game. The building of lapis is especially recommended for novices or beginner players in the game of Summoners War. There is a reason because more attacking power is needed to progress in the game, and that comes from this powerful and useful monster.

lapis runes

Lapis runes

The skills of lapis are appreciable because they are used to effectively daze targets. This is possible when you can farm good lapis runes. It won’t be too difficult usually, but some players feel difficulty in farming runes on hell mode. There is an alternative to use Raoq (Fire Inugami) is a good attack monster in Summoners War which is a suitable replacement of lapis and it can be found pretty easily in Faimon Volcano scenario. But it is still recommended lapis if you can farm it anyways. This doesn’t mean that Raoq is not a good option.

Why Lapis runes recommended

lapis runes

Let it be your own strategy whether you want to proceed with lapis runes or you feel comfortable with Raoq. This doesn’t make a difference when your game is progressing. GB7 Dungeon, DB10, and NB 10 teams usually prefer lapis for many reasons. It is recommended and no doubt, good from many perspectives. When runed for CC (Despair / Revenge), lapis makes you Arena offense team really fun in early-game. That’s why it is a good suggestion to use this monster if it can be farmed without much difficulty which shouldn’t be as a normal instance because many players are able to farm it without trouble.

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