Nothing is impossible. The disasters may come inevitably because the Nature has its own nature. There are many emergency situations when immediate rescue become important to prevent occurrence of casualties, but weather conditions or impossible access to the disaster location sometimes causes delay in rescue operations. Helicopters are the best, or better say only source for impossible aerial and land rescue missions that can prevent or reduce casualties. Helicopters are specifically designed for military and civilian rescue operations. There are many instances of tough aerial rescue missions such as forest blaze that is hardly possible to extinguish. Similarly, rescue for ship wreckage or over the ocean aircraft accident victims is not possible without the use of helicopters.

Breeze Eastern equipment makes impossible to possible

Breeze Eastern is a leader in the design and manufactures the rescue hoists, winches, cargo hooks and weapons handling systems military and civilian operators. A helicopter makes impossible mission possible, but only with the support of its most efficient rescue equipment such as hoist and winch. Not ordinary but a dedicated equipment can only perform successful rescue operation. Rescue helicopters are provided with exceptional hoist and winch which guarantees utmost safety during rescue operations.

Breeze Eastern equipment for rescue and cargo operations

The global helicopter industry relies of high-quality hoist and winch equipment in various types of helicopters designed by various helicopter manufacturers across the globe. Breeze Eastern is the only dedicated helicopter hoist and winch provider in the world for diversity of helicopters. The equipment of this company is also used for efficient cargo lifting operations, apart from rescue operations. Helicopters are dedicated to their missions, but the equipment of this brand offers dedicated support in successfully achieving the mission.

Breeze Eastern hoist and winch are No.-1

Why Breeze Eastern is the best? The ever-evolving superior technology and extensive expertise in both rescue hoist and cargo-handling equipment are the reasons that make this brand No.-1 for efficiency, operational safety and excellence.

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