For the millennial interior designer who loves minimalism to its core, there’s nothing better than a beautiful piece of the futon. Minimalists love the furniture piece that the futon is which serves a dual purpose of a sofa plus a bed. This is an exceptionally brilliant choice for you if you’re tight on your budget. But what’s exactly a futon? Let’s go on and find out!

popular styles of futons

What a futon is

The concept of the futon emerged from Japanese culture. The Japanese are known for incorporating simplistic elements that have a high utility in their lifestyles. The use of futons became a big trend in America in the 80s. A futon, usually, consists of a mattress and a frame that comes along with it. The thickness and the material of the frame vary according to the popular styles of futons available.

Furniture makers even offer customers the option to purchase or design a custom made futon cover at a cheaper cost compared to reupholstering their sofa.

Why should you opt for a futon?

You should opt for a futon instead of a traditional sofa due to the following reasons:

popular styles of futons
  • It helps in saving space
  • It is much lighter than a traditional sofa meant for sleeping
  • It is much easier to move
  • Its sizes and designs are very versatile
  • It can be cleaned in a better and easier manner compared to a traditional sofa

How to settle in on a good futon?

Ask yourself whether your futon needs to be a multipurpose sofa cum bed, whether you plan to use it in a regular manner or not, or whether you just want a convenient yet fun piece of furniture that can be utilised as an extra bed for guests.

Now browse through the popular styles of futons available and pick the right one for you!