R5 guide is Raid Rift guide in Summoners War that refers to Team Builds, Monsters, and Runes. Rift Raid or R5 is level 5 in the game. This level is needed to achieve ultimate success in then game. For this, you will make a team of six monsters that will be placed in either the Front Line or Back Line. You should have at least two monsters in the Front Line. You can select the suitable monsters to place in both Front and Back Lines. Front Line monsters take the most damage, but Back Line take too less. 

Why R5 guide Summoners War is important 

Why you need to farm Rift Raid (R5)? The essence of farming R5 is to give enhancement to the power of your monsters and runes. For this, you can use the Enchats and Grinds. You can find the method to use them in a guide. R5 guide Summoners War provides information about Standard Team Builds which is very important to understand if you want to gain success in the game. You cannot successfully build an R5 team without understanding the Raid Boss’s mechanics. Keep in mind that this is quite important aspect! Unless you follow important skills and debuffs, stat requirements, team compositions, best monsters for Rift Raid (R5), main and back up healers, cleansers, damage dealers, and R5 team lineups, it won’t be easy for you to grapple the game. 

Understand SW with R5 guide Summoners War  

R5 guide Summoners War is a systematic way of learning and understanding the game. There is a big list of monsters, and all do not fit on every place. You need to make an appropriate selection for both Front and Back Line. This would be the effective strategy that can bring win in the game. You can increase the chance of success, and take it even to 100%, if you follow the guide thoroughly.

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