There are many things in your home that have a special value for you. For instance, a furniture in home is placed not just only for home aesthetic but for comfort also. You may have couch in your home that can offer lot of comfort when you’re in your living room; you can comfortably sit with your family to take dinner on a dining table; and you can relax and rest peacefully on your เตียง นอน at night. This is, thus, a piece of furniture which is used as a place to sleep or relax.

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Beds of past and present

There is a lot of difference in the beds available in the modern time from those available in the past. In the past, beds were taken just as piece of furniture, but modern beds come in various sizes, designs and styles. There are beds having size ranges, to a single bed for one person, and double beds for adults. There are queen or king size double beds. They are either in wooden or metal frame. The beds have fixed or sometimes folding frame. There are sofa-cum-bed also that can be folded and used as a sofa in the morning. You may also find two-tier (one above another) bunk beds in homes having paucity of space. Most depends on size of your home and your choice. However, the key purpose of a bed in your home is to give you rest and relaxation, so that you may have a sound sleep at night.

เตียง นอน

What’s the choice to buy?

Modern beds are more than a comfort, and there are too many varieties, as discussed above. The price range of these beds also starts from few thousands to as high as a price of a car. Metal-frame, especially folding-frame, beds are usually cheaper than wooden (fixed-frame) beds. Wooden frame beds are more durable and aesthetic compared to metal-frame beds. Thus, you can make your own choice to buy a bed based on your budget and many other factors.

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