If you are an avid social media user and have recently seen pictures posted by your favourite It Girls, fashion bloggers, and influencers, you would have noticed a commonality among all of them. It seems that not only the runway and mainstream fashion both have seen a huge revival of the butterfly prints, motifs and butterfly embellished pieces but the classic butterfly pendant necklace rage has taken over the internet. Even celebrities have succumbed to its allure and it has been seen on quite a few of them. It has become a trend that not only has managed to penetrate all over social media but also has been given the stamp of approval as being appropriate for people of all age.

butterfly pendant necklaces

So, what is it about this piece that has managed to capture everyone’s attention? Well, here is an attempt at an explanation to this effect

The dainty gold butterfly necklace is not only a trendy piece of jewellery but is also considered by many as a staple in their jewellery collection. To add to its allure, it can also be styled in a variety of ways some of which have been listed in this article.

  • The butterfly pendant necklace can be worn by itself as one would normally wear any necklace.
  • It can be thrown in as a stacking piece with other necklaces for the very much on trend layered effect.
  • It can be roped double or triple over the wrist to serve as a pretty, minimalistic charm bracelet.
  • It can be threaded through the hair or braids by anyone who is going for that music festival/Coachella vibe.
butterfly pendant necklaces

One has to just look upon the It girls and fashion bloggers for inspiration if they seek to find more ways to get on this bandwagon in more unique ways than pointed above. So, get your hands on a butterfly pendant necklace and get trending.

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